His Excellency, Hazoor Maharaj Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan descended from anami [Eternal Abode] on Tuesday, August 15, 1967 in a small vicinity [Sri Gurusar Modia] of District Sri Ganganagar (Rajasthan) in the holy royal family of most revered Sardar Maghar Singh Ji and most pious mother, Mata Naseeb Kaur Ji Insan. His reverend father Sardar Maghar Singh Sidhu ji was a rich landlord, and head of the village. HE is the only son of most venerable parents, blessed after a span of 18 years. HE was brought up with utmost care and affection of respected parents and relatives. Even at the tender age of 5-6, HIS life was flooded with numerous spiritual experiences of omnipresent and omniscient God. Even though His Holiness was born to parents hailed from Sikh religion, HE never adhered to any particular religious faith.
A renowned and great prophet of the village, Saint Triveni Das Ji had been much delighted to fathom the voluntary and authentic Holy selfless services rendered by the pious souls of His Holiness’s loving and caring parents and His most Respected parents had a great affinity for Saint Triveni Das Ji. Saint Triveni Das Ji prophesied that the family of Sardar Maghar Singh Ji shall be blessed with a son having celestial qualities. He would be the true incarnation of Supreme Creator bestowed with Divine messages within Him.
Saint also advised that HE should not be given any rebuff or harsh words or beating in the form of punishment.
While congratulating and greeting His Holiness’ incarnation Saint Triveni Das Ji made an augury, “He would stay with the family only for 23 years and thereafter HE shall go to the Almighty Master.” He further added, “They must not take HIM to any reverential place for prayers. For, HE is a manifestation of Supreme Creator Himself.”
Revered Saint Mastana Ji Maharaj had publically proclaimed such a prescience and farsighted prophecy during a spiritual discourse, just four months before HIS mortal departure, “Exactly after seven years we will come again in the form of the third body (the Third Master of Prestigious Dera)." The same was materialized [re-incarnation] after a huge gap of seven years. It became evident that Mastana Ji Maharaj had Himself descended as third Preceptor of Dera.

Inauguration of the Massive Water Cistern

The natives of Sri Gurusar Modia (Rajasthan) had once decided to build up a water reservoir to meet the scarcity of water during the hot season. A few elderly persons of the village approached Saint Triveni Das Ji to inaugurate the construction work. But he insisted upon the starting of the proposed project through the Holy Hands of Hazoor Maharaj Ji (son of Sardar Maghar Singh Ji). At that time, His Holiness Guruji was at the tender age of 4-5 years. Some villagers protested it by saying that HE is too young to inaugurate. However, still they agreed by following Triveni Das ji’s sermons. Then His Holiness Guruji inaugurated the reservoir with HIS pious little cute hands. Saint Triveni Das ji further assured that the reservoir shall always continue to replete with water in it and will never go dry. Now also, no one can deny the fact that even during the days of water’s great scarcity, people of the adjacent villages keep on fetching water from this tank till date.

Marvelous Glimpses of HIS Childhood

One day, Bapuji [Sardar Maghar Singh Ji] was going towards the agricultural fields while carrying His Holiness on his shoulders. Revered Bapuji had a great love, affection, and respect for his divine son. Respected Bapuji came to know the supernatural abilities when Hazoor Maharaj Ji himself disclosed certain unknown facts about the ancestral land and Bapuji’s trust became more firmed for Triveni Das ji.

Bestowal of Gurumantra

His Holiness Guruji adopted the glorious method of meditation from Param Pita Shah Satnam Ji Maharaj (Former Preceptor of Dera Sacha sauda) on 31st March 1974. His Holiness had envisioned of Supreme Power in the form of Param Pitaji during the satasng [spiritual discourse] and HE was immensely impressed too. Param Pitaji bestowed Naam Shabad to His Holiness by letting Him to sit with HIS royal throne and  politely asked, "Kaka kehda pind hai? [From which region do you belong]” and “Hor taan sab thik hai [Is everything ok]?” This way, His Holiness Guruji received bountiful of Divine blessings. Apparently, it can be stated that from the same day Param Pitaji had been chosen by His Holiness as the prospective successor to the Royal throne.

A Glance on Immaculate Student Life

His Excellency Guruji had completed the high-school education from one and only school running in the hamlet area. His Holiness was the most superior student of the school. HE had always remained the topper and monitor of class. HE had spear headed all the playing teams. His Holiness was a peerless sport person of myriad of games like wrestling, Volleyball, Badminton, and Cricket, besides Lawn Tennis. Cricket was HIS most favorite game and HE was captain of cricket team. Under His hallowed helmsmanship, cricket had been played with replete confidence and had achieved success in every competition. During that time, that educational institute was unprecedented one in each and every field like education, games, cultural programs, and other activities, in the whole province.

Persona par Excellence

His Holiness had a zeal, dedication, and passion for every kind of act. At the tender age of seven-eight, His Holiness was adroit and dexterous in driving the tractor for agricultural purposes in fields and ranches. His Holiness would repose after finishing the work HE had started. The same zeal still oozes out from this divine personality even today. Since HE had reined over the Dera, continual welfare activities have been effectuating. Under His Holy helmsmanship, various enlarge projects which were to be consummated in years, got fully fledged in weeks or even in days.

True Successor to Respected Param Pita Shah Satnam Ji Maharaj

The innate characteristics of honesty, truthfulness and dedication to the work accompanied with unique blend of spiritual righteousness persuaded Param Pita Ji to grace Hazoor Maharaj Ji as HIS true successor. His Excellency was considered to be the most trustworthy mentor, curator, protector and yet a prospective Master at Dera Sacha Sauda. On 23rd September, 1990 the mystery was revealed when Param Pita Shah Satnam Singh Ji invited the disciples from all across the world and His Holiness declared Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji as HIS successor. All of the followers were present there as deponents. This way, His Spiritual apostleship started with a formal ceremony.
Since that auspicious day, His Holiness has been working incessantly to spread the message of humanity and fraternity among whole mankind; and endeavoring to imbibe the virtues within them. As with His predecessors, His Holiness Guruji has dedicated HIS life to serve the society and guide  the satsangis [followers] on the spiritual path. Under His holy helmsman ship, celibate resident volunteers of Dera work for 18 hours a day in the fields, and the income earned through the arduous toil is spent in exquisite welfare works. His Holiness’ actions show His alliance with Supernatural Power. HIS every task is meant for the benevolences of all beings without holding self motives.

Dissemination of Spiritual Knowledge

Hither to, Huzoor Maharaj ji has initiated over 60 million parched souls and motivated them to tread the path of God-realization. His Holiness stated, "All those people who will remember Param Pita Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj by repeating Naam-Shabd with pure heart, will surely be honored by the pious envision i.e. the live presence of Param Pita Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj". Apart from this, His Holiness said, "Any disciple who will make a request for the fulfillment of a reasonable desire to the Satguru by meditating in the ambrosial hours, that request will directly reach to the Satguru and will surely be accepted by Him". His Holiness affirms that one day the name of Shah Satnam Ji shall reverberate throughout the globe. With idem purpose, His Holiness is determined to promote the Divine name and has been bestowing the magnificent and transcendent method of meditation in Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan and U.P, besides Gujrat, Madhya Pardesh, Maharashtra, Karnatka, orrisa, Aandhra Pardesh, Himachal Pardesh and many more provinces. Inhabitants of metropolitan areas like Banglore, Mumbai, Bhopal, Jaipur and Haiderabad are also not devoid of the ambrosia of Gurumantra. Myriad of masses have been abdicating beedi, ciggrette, opium, marijuana, heroin and other narcotics too. In addition, getting inspired by HIS teachings, followers have been deliberately refraining themselves from the pervading social vices as female foeticide, homosexuality besides dowry system and inclining towards Divinity too.

HIS Majesty and Glory:-

We cannot describe HIM with any vocabulary learnt upon the earth. So far, His Holiness has built 23 Ashrams all over the India. On an average, 8-10 thousand people are initiated every week in Sirsa alone. Still, there is no such instrument designed to fathom the count of drops of devotees getting merged into the ocean of Gurumantra. However, an estimated reckon is always predicted and presently it is above 50 million and so on..... HIS every act is serene, sublime, and supreme. He is credited with being the initiator of a welfare foundation, known as ‘Shah Satnam Ji Green ‘S’ welfare force’. At present, 70,000 volunteers have been registered for this overwhelming force and they have submitted their affidavits with their whole hearted consent stating that during serving humanity if they get injured or martyred anyhow, they will be responsible for their own life. Here are certain instances exhibiting His Holiness’s munificence and magnanimity are as follows:-
Shah Satnam Ji educational institutes: - Revered Guruji considers education as tantamount to spirituality. With education exclusively one comes out from the purview of hypocrisy and ignorance. Moreover, in recent era, only an educated person can have a reputed place in the society. But it is imperative that the education must assist the person to be self dependent and tread the path of humanity. To consummating the same motive, Shah Satnam Ji educational and welfare society has established Shah Satnam Ji Girls’ School and College in Sirsa and SriGurusar Modia (Raj.), Shah Satnam Ji Girls’ School in Budani (M.P.), Shah Satnam Ji boys school and College in Sirsa, Shah Satnam Ji institute of technology and management, under His Holiness’ unprecedented guidance.
All of these institutes have proven to be a paradigm in the field of education as well in the sports. Poor and destitute needy students are provided free schooling here. Students of these educations have been winning gold medals in national and international level games and bringing laurels. Seven out of the ten players representing India, in the World Cup Roller Hockey Skating in America in the year 2006 were students of Shah Satnam Ji Girls School and College.
In the 12th Asian Roller Hockey Skating Championship organized in Calcutta, in Dec 2007 these players represented India and made their country proud by winning the Championship for the first time in history. All winning players including the captain were students of Shah Satnam Ji Educational Institutions. This team, in its final tournament defeated Japan by the margin of 5-3. The declared best player and highest scorer of the tournament were also from these institutions as well. The most surprising of all facts is that these players do not have any professional coach. Respected Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan is the one who teaches them the skills to play and these children lovingly call Him "Papa Coach".
True World:- Kashish Restaurant (For Sadh Sangats’ convenience): - For providing the extremely wonderful services to the sadh sangat (spiritual community), a convenient zone named as Kashish Restaurant has been built in the lush green environment, especially for the masses visiting from the remote areas. Here well furnished fully air conditioned rooms are available in order to provide high level comfort. For kids' entertainment, diversified fountains and amusement parks are also available there.
Eye camp: - An “Eye Camp” is organized every year from 13th to 15th December to commemorate the pious anniversary of Param Pita Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj. Thousands of patients with various eye problems visit Dera Sacha Sauda, Sirsa for medical examination of their eyes. After proper examination and medical checkups, those who need to be operated are admitted for the time span of 3-10 days based on reports. A team of expert eye-surgeons voluntarily perform the medical check-up and eye operations. The patients are given free medical treatment, spectacles, boarding and lodging facilities. One care taker is also provided to each patient to serve meals or anything else based upon patient needs.
Polio Camp: - A “Polio Camp” is organized every year in the month of April to commemorate the pious day of Beparwah Shah Mastana Ji Maharaj. Extensively expert physicians, neuro-surgeons, orthopaedicts and related staff are invited from renowned national hospitals for medical check-up and surgery of the polio patients. They are provided with full medical care, medicines, and physiotherapeutic aids to facilitate their movements along with the boarding and lodging facilities at Dera Sacha Sauda, Sirsa. The patients get the unique opportunity to have the glimpse and eternal blessings of Hazoor Maharaj Ji during treatment.
Modern health facilities: - Under the philanthropic expedition started by His Holiness, Shah Satnam Ji General Hospital has been established for providing the medical and health facilities in the hamlet rural area of Sri Gurusar Modia. In addition, emplacement of Allopathic, Ayurvedic and Naturopathic Hospitals have been done. The team of surgeons, para-medical staff, and physicians are well qualified and experienced. They serve with utmost devotion and dedication. All of these hospitals function as primary care facilities with fully functioning medical departments such as: Ophthalmology, Gynaecology & Obstetrics, ENT, Surgery & Anesthesia, Pediatrics', and Dental. The officials associated with the hospital render full time services on nominal honorarium. The hospital has its own ambulance and Blood Bank. The staff of this hospital also held camp services at Dera Sacha Sauda, Sirsa during the days of spiritual congregations. There is a mobile hospital known as "Farishta" which has been incorporated in the Limca Book of World Records for its mobility and special features. All medical services are provided free of charge to the have-nots.
Establishment and Foundation of Shah Satnam Ji Green ‘S’ Welfare Wing: - Numbering a total of more than 70,000 warriors volunteers!!! A glorious banner named Shah Satnam Ji Green ‘S’ Welfare Wing has been bestowed them as to this team. This exclusive team is comprised of trained rescuers, Doctors, paramedics, reconstruction workers, qualified Engineers and many more. Due to these groundbreaking humanitarian activities, the holy Name of Dera Sacha Sauda has been recorded on the pages of history not only in golden words but also with diamond words for rejuvenating the dying humanity.
Social Reformer: - Since its inception, Dera Sacha Sauda is an open book for everyone means it has nothing concealed within. This is a unique spiritual college where the lesson of humanity is taught and method of meditation is bestowed irrespective of the caste, creed and color. In the Dera, people accustomed of 70 injections of Morphine and Fortvin etc. on a daily basis, shunned the intoxicants by the Divine blessings of His Holiness Guruji only in seven days by staying at Dera Sacha Sauda and left the perdition life by diving deep into the ocean of nectar. Hazoor Maharaj ji has persuaded the disciples to eradicate the prevailing social stigmas like dowry system, female feticide, and prostitution besides homosexuality; and devotees have been abiding by these sermons. In Dera Sacha Sauda, marriages are being solemnized in the gracious presence of Guruji without consideration of dowry.
Compassionate act towards orphaned kids: - In our society orphaned kids are generally leading a hellish and harrowing life. To provide them a respectful life, His Holiness has developed Shah Satnam Ji Asra Ashram. In addition, Shahi Betiyan Basera [abode for royal daughters] for the girls who were aimed to be killed through the heinous act of femicide, has been built. Furthermore, His Holiness has adopted those girls legally as HIS own daughters. They have been provided the peaceful environment where they can freely pursue their goals and become independent and responsible individuals.
A Concrete step towards harlotry, homosexuals, and eunuchs: - The third gender, known as eunuchs are never accepted by their family members and are facing ostracism in the society as well. Moreover, a few unfortunate girls are forced to enmesh in the abominable profession of being a courtesan. A great benefaction by His Holiness upon both of these categories!!! HE has been urging the followers to come forward to adopt those girls as their spouse and to provide the employment to the eunuchs so that they must be joined in the mainstream of society. Apart from these, many of the volunteers have unveiled their intentions to legally adopt, up-bring and make-up true human beings those whores' children, notoriously known as illegitimates, as their own, with Guruji’s inspiration embodied in holy sermons. While in this world of selfishness none is there to intercede even for them.
Yet another philanthropic step initiated by Huzoor Pitaji is an expedition to draw and liberate the homosexuals out from their dreary and dismal psychology & habits, which is another altruism bestowed by His Holiness Guruji to invigorate the society.
How would the society pay back the benevolences conferred by His Excellency Guruji????
Writing down the praise of His humanitarian efforts by using all oceans as ink, chaste intelligence as paper, with the pen of dedication and with the mind of a seasoned journalist would be at par with showing the lamp to the sun.

जीवनी तेरी पढ़ के नच्ची है रूह,
जिवें आया है, कुल मालिक बन के अल्लाह हू |
कर परोपकार रूहाँ ते,
सचखण्ड बनाया डेरा सच्चा सौदा नू ||

(Jiwni Teri pad ke nachi hai rooh
Jiwe aaya hai kul malik banke ALLAH hoo.
Kar par upkaar rooha te
Sachkhand banaya Dera Sacha Sauda noo.)