It sounds rather unbelievable but reality dawns only when one listens to Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan with an open mind. Also when one sees how many fields of human endeavour Guruji has mastered, it becomes clear that the meditation HE teaches is an extremely powerful tool to achieve self confidence. People find it difficult to excel in one chosen vocation. But Guruji has mastered every sphere of positive human Dr. MSG prefect photographer activity with an unbelievable ease and panache. These gifts are not ordinary. Ranging from Music to Engineering, from Sports to Agriculture, from Spiritualism to Science; Getting to know Guruji is a wonderful vista of discovery. The one common underlying message is that if we raise our inner consciousness through true meditation then excellence is just a small step away. The inner reservoir of self confidence needs to be tapped which is possible only through true meditation.

Apart from being the Spiritual Preceptor of Dera Sacha Sauda who teaches free meditation, Guruji has exhibited an unbelievable range of versatile roles and raised them to exalted heights of perfection.

Besides awakening the souls and leading them to achieve the impossible; His Holiness is an author, inventor, scientist, an athlete, writer, multi-lingual orator, scholar, musician, theologian, physician, philosopher, philanthropist, peace activist and the ultimate humanitarian, only to mention a few of HIS endless gifts; In addition to the selfless devotion of HIS life dedicated to bringing joy to others.

Awarded with the degree of Doctorate by University of World Record London

Awarded with the degreeRevered Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan was awarded with the degree of Doctorate by University of World Record London after being favourably influenced by versatility of Dera Sacha Sauda’s chief Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan. From now onwards Revered Saint Ji will be addressed as Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan.

Mr. Jai Krishan Sharma, Pro chancellor(India) of World Record University, London bestowed Doctorate degree to Revered Saint Ji along with a medal.

Prior to this ceremony Mr. Sharma presented a convocation gown & cap which was worn by Revered Saint Ji while being honoured with PHD Degree.

During his speech Mr. Sharma accredited Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan as Multi talented personality. He also added that to acknowledge such a talent where with his guidance about more than 127 humanitarian works are being conducted and also 55 world records are registered on his name, world record university London has decided to grant Him this degree.

Sportsman par Excellence

Guruji has the exceptional proficiency of playing over 32 nationally recognized games with flair and remarkable skill. The games include volley ball, net ball, throw ball, kabaddi, lawn tennis, cricket, football, billiards, table tennis, snooker, shooting ball, yoga, basketball, water polo and many more. His Holiness has mentored and guided the students of the Shah Satnamji institutions to achieve success nationally and internationally, in several disciplines, without any coach.

Superb Medic

Guruji prescribes remedies for several maladies. Of course, the true meditation does lead to miraculous cures, but even if we discount that, Guruji is a wonderful healer. The regime His Holiness prescribes, be it Ayurvedic, Yoga or simple exercise, is always on target and effective. His Holiness has developed many Ayurvedic drugs and is an expert psychologist and counselor for everyone. Moreover, HE is an advanced yoga instructor, too.

Literary Talents and Oratorial Skills

Spiritual poetry, lyrics, prose, anything that Guruji writes and utters, sinks deep into one’s heart and awakens the conscience. Guruji has authored numerous books and spiritual songs. HIS Holy discourses move people to tears of self realization.

Multilingual Orator

Guruji has mastery over several Indian languages and their innumerable dialects without having learnt them! His Holiness has also sung in several languages after writing the lyrics HIMSELF

Automotive Engineering

Apart from being an exceptionally skilled rallyist who can also operate all kinds of mobile machinery, Guruji has a passion for automotive design. Guruji started by modifying crashed cars and now, HE has also created independent vehicle platforms. His Holiness surprised HIS parents by driving a tractor at the tender age of seven years.

Love of Adventure

Even in the public concerts, Guruji has demonstrated feats that are simply extraordinary. For instance, Guruji sang a song called ‘Chocolate’ in a live concert, suspended thirty feet above the ground, from a crane that was moving throughout.In such circumstances, anyone would be distracted and nauseous, but Guruji sang a touching song and that too, mimicking the voice of a child. On another occasion, Guruji drove a car around the stadium, standing on the seat on one leg and turning the steering with the other foot, blessing devotees throughout. More over Guruji cleared an 8 feet high wall by simply pulling HIMSELF up and swung HIMSELF across, a feat only advanced parkour athletes can do

Emperor of Melodies

Guruji’s foray into music has seen HIM conquering a wide variety of musical genres with equal grasp. Rock, Trance, Sufi, Person, Punjabi, and Folk His Holiness has dealt with all with an amazing confidence and unsurpassable skill. All composition, lyrics, music direction, editing supervision has also been done by His Holiness HIMSELF without any so called professional inputs. Is it not that unbelievable that the same discs have been released by the world’s largest music label, Universal music, straightway! HIS vocal range, tonal variety and melodiousness have to be experienced to be believed.

Universal Designer

His Holiness is a fashion designer, a magazine designer, automobile designer, interior and exterior decorator and landscape designer. Guruji’s designs have spawned an innovative fashion magazine that takes us away from contemporary kitsch and ushers spiritual awakening.

Expert Agriculturist

Whilst His Holiness inherited large tracts of family owned land; HE has been instrumental in turning it around since early childhood. From sandy fields, they stand transformed into a picture of lush prosperity with innovative farming methods. The same experience has come handy in the Ashram. HE is an excellent plant breeder and has been developing new varieties regularly. Under adverse dry conditions, His Holiness successfully cultivated cash crops by utilizing Climate controlled farming. His Holiness also stresses and teaches eco-friendly farming to people. HE motivates people to use straw for fodder instead of burning it.

Wasteland development

Prior to the establishment of Shah Satnam ji Dham, Sirsa, this whole area was a wasteland, fully covered with huge sand dunes having shrub vegetation. But, His Holiness pioneered amazing reclamation practices, thereby converting the whole area into fertile land. And today, one can see the whole Ashram covered with numerous examples of agricultural diversity. Guruji emphasizes saving water and the ground water of the Ashram is extremely hard and unsuitable for agriculture. Inspite of that, What can be more surprising than the fact that various plants like Apple and Tea that grow only in the hilly areas have been shown to thrive in the sandy soils of Dera Sacha Sauda by Guru Ji !

Excellent Chef

Guruji is a remarkable cook who has created a delectable range of recipes.


His Holiness also teaches the virtues of a moderate and healthy diet. Guruji has devised dietary plans to treat obesity and several other chronic conditions with extremely good results.

True Spiritual Master

His Holiness teaches the method of meditation free of cost to the aspirants and till date, HE has taught free meditation to more than fifty million people. God or HIS messengers do not need any donations from those who have not seen God, Guruji emphasizes. The unique meditation unlocks the inner self confidence and joy, enabling people to realize their true purpose and potential.

Social Reformer

His Holiness has taken the responsibility of reforming tribals, to integrate them with the main stream society. Guruji is also credited for being the founding father of Shah Satnam Ji Green ‘S’ Welfare Force Wing For more information kindly visit. Under HIS leadership, there are 128 ongoing humanitarian programs to help humanity.

Unique Leader for Disaster Relief and Preparedness

Whenever a manmade or natural disaster has struck, Guruji has responded in all earnestness. His Holiness went from door to door in Gujarat following the mega earthquake in 2000, consoling and counseling victims. Whether it is the people trapped under the debris or people mired in poverty, relief is dispatched swiftly by Dera Sacha Sauda.

Water and Sanitation Expert

The challenge to Sanitation considering the massive influx of visitors is a major one, but the challenge of its disposal is even bigger. His Holiness has promoted night soil and kitchen waste based Biogas projects that are running successfully.

Cost Effective Technology Developer

His Holiness has painstakingly designed the World’s smallest comprehensive mobile hospital including an on board X-ray, ultrasound, on board surgery etc. in a fully functional operating suite. Guruji has proved the concept of large scale super speciality free healthcare camps where specialized services are provided to the poor for free. Renowned doctors, from diverse fields provide their services to needy, once every month. Also, an irrigation solutions company honored Guru Ji with an Excellence Award when Guruji solved their long standing technical problems.

Campaign Against Quackery, Superstition and Charlatanism

His Holiness educates the masses about their misplaced conviction in black magic, superstition and quackery. HE inspires them to practice meditation to connect with the true Almighty God and break free of costly ritualism and gimmickry


Guruji has taken a laudable initiative to eradicate forced prostitution from society and rescue them from high risk groups. His Holiness accepts them as HIS spiritual foster daughters and arranges treatment for those affiliated by HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections. On Guruji’s single call, 1500 young men have volunteered to accept these women as their wives. More than a dozen marriages have already taken place and the families are living in peace. This is a unique initiative because there are practically no avenues that presently exist for the integration of the prostitutes into the social mainstream.

Anti- Female Feticide and Anti- Dowry Campaigner

HE pleads with people to stop sex selective abortions and offers to adopt the unwanted daughters as HIS own spiritual foster children. A special shelter called the abode for Royal Daughters has been established where girls who are orphaned, destitute or rescued from an impending feticide are housed. The facilities and education provided are world class. Under Guruji’s care, they have gone to become big achievers in academics and sports.

Animal Rights Leader

Guruji is against all forms of violence to living beings. Every deadly snake found in the Ashram is caught and freed in the Jungles. All devotees are encouraged to feed the birds. There have been several instances where Dera members have gone to an extraordinary extent to save dying animals.

Motivation and Leadership

Pita Ji as Perfect ArchitectureGuruji has inspired such motivation amongst members that world records have tumbled in several spheres. Owing to Guruji’s inspiration, over 70,000 people have volunteered to serve the Shah Satnam Ji Green ‘S’ Welfare Force Wing selflessly. Without accepting any allowance or salary, they have undertaken several hazardous humanitarian assistance missions for the sake of others.On December 2003, responding to Guruji’s call, Dera Sacha Sauda followers donated 15,432 units of blood to 56 participating blood banks in a single day. This record was surpassed by 17,921 units on 10th October 2004. Finally, on 8th August 2010, a new Guinness World Record was established when Dera members donated 43,732 units of blood, thereby rewriting history. On 15th August 2009, Guruji led the followers in on 8 hour long plantation drive, planting 68,73,451 trees in a single day the record was established for most trees planted in one hour. The record was subsequently improved in August, 2011. Guruji has been honored by the medical fraternity for the whole body donation initiative as well.

Mobile Hospital

The Tata 407 based Mobile Hospital (Farishta ie Savior Angel), for its multifarious facilities, has entered the Limca Book of world records. Diabetes screening, Blood pressure screening, cholesterol levels and cardiac ultrasound screening are amongst other Guinness World records, established in the pursuit of public health.

Karmyogi and Gyanyogi

An Epitome of Right Action and Right KnowledgeGuruji teaches and pursues Rights Action and Right Knowledge. One without the other is frighteningly incomplete. His Holiness performs arduous physical labor himself to earn HIS bread, Guruji tills the farms HIMSELF and contributes to every aspect of agriculture from planting to harvesting. HE engages at every stage with plough, spade, shovel or sickle and sets a direct example for others about the dignity of labour.

Anti-Corruption Crusader

Guruji has a very clear and simple approach to eradicating corruption. Do not give or receive a bribe, that’s all. And the followers sign written declarations to this effect. This campaign is for grassroots improvement by self realization

Global Warming Mitigator

Guruji has initiated a unique campaign to plant at least 12 saplings per annum by each follower. Guruji leads this campaign and encourages people to plant more saplings and pay meticulous attention for their nurture, protection and growth, for the coming generations to live in a healthy environment. Not restricting HIMSELF to that, Guruji has also devised cost effective bio pesticides that are inexpensive, non toxic and extremely effective.

Low Cost Housing Expert

Especially following the earthquakes in Gujarat and J & K, low cost housing projects were undertaken on a large scale. The designs were devised by Guruji and executed by Dera followers. Safety, utility and comfort were maintained in the least possible cost, using locally available materials.

De-Addiction Specialist

Guruji has campaigned extensively against drug addiction. Guruji counsels and blesses the people who come to the Ashram to quit drugs, alcohol and other intoxicants. Hitherto, millions of people have quit their deadly dependence on drugs through the method of meditation. In the rehab program, they render selfless services for a week and they recover fully after that.

Anti-Population Crusader

Population explosion is worsening each day. So, Guruji stresses the family must be restricted to one or two children. The followers are acting upon this message universally.

Exemplary Administrator

An ocean of fifty million followers have given up drugs, alcohol and immorality at Guruji’s beckoning. In worldly affairs, wherever HIS guidance is followed, exemplary results are achieved. All the followers are moving towards the goal of uplifting society and this is HIS expertise in management, exemplified.


To impart education, Guruji has taken very innovative steps by establishing Schools, Colleges, and Higher Institutes of Technology. All the students studying in these educational institutes are also imparted training in meditation, yoga and spiritual knowledge.

Anti-Discrimination Leader

All human beings are equal. Though one hears the precept in theory; in practice, it is hardly acted upon. Guruji started the practice of serving the Nectar of Humanitarianism (Jaam-E-Insan) in which members vow to end discrimination on the basis of caste, creed , religion or color.

Culture Icon

Through music and morally uplifting fashion, Guruji has become a culture and style icon. The Youth love it. For the first time, they have the right role model who balances worldly achievements with spiritual correctness.

Versatile Artist

Guruji is not only a nature lover but also has amazing photography skills. Additionally Guruji has a keen interest in film making, videography, and art direction. Guruji has innumerable hidden talents that become visible only when the time arises.