MSG for Youth

  • Keep your emotions positive. Negative feelings overpower positivity. One can generate positivity by participating in welfare acts, attending satsangs and ofcourse, regular meditation. Make a routine to meditate with Pranayama every morning and evening. It will help you to gain physical and mental fitness and you will get rid of negative thoughts.
  • Youngsters are the heartbeat of the country, but don’t let intoxicants be your.
  • In today’s age, the young generation gets depressed over trivial issues & is surrounded by suicidal thoughts, which is not a solution to any problem, in fact, it invites bigger problems.

MSG for Husband Wife

  • If there is a conflict between husband and wife, it’s very important to apologize early. Saying “sorry” but not meaning or not intending to improve is not a right attitude. If your partner follows the path of humanity and motivates you to follow it, he/she is the one who is perfect. Spare time even in your busiest schedule and talk to your partner, listen to his / her problems and try to solve them.
  • The relationship of Husband wife is that of a companionship & not a compromise. Respect and support each other.

MSG for Humanity

  • The purest service is to work towards welfare of society without expectation of reward ‘If man pays for service another renders, God always rewards those serving His children tender!
  • One who confesses the sin is a Human, One who repeats the sin equals to an Animal, One who commits the sins over & over equals to a Devil.
  • Tree is laden with fruits; a fruit is rotten on the tree. Only fruit is rotten, not the whole tree. One who commits an evil must be criticized too. But not the whole religion he belongs to.
  • Meaning of Guru = first part “Gu” means darkness, “Ru” – means light, complete meaning – one who brings you out of darkness of ignorance by lighting the lamp of knowledge, taking nothing in return, that one is a real Guru.
  • In case you come across a road accident, do not run away by pressing the accelerator rather help the victims as far as possible. Keep the spirit of compassion alive and keep doing such deeds of Humanity.
  • God helps those who help themselves
  • To join someone suffering in affliction & sorrow and to ease one’s suffering is the meaning of True Humanity.
  • Spend one-8th, one-10th or one-15th part of your earnings to help the poor & oppressed ones; it will be more beneficial & will bring wellness to your family in return.

MSG for Businessmen

  • Always maintain a positive attitude. It is the foundation of great achievement and success in every field.
  • Be your true self. If you borrow money from someone and can afford to return it within three months, yet ask the lender for additional time, sayfive months but repay it before the stipulated time. In addition to this, if you lend money to a needy in his hard time and when he pays it back, be kind to him and charge him no interest.
  • Earn to live ! Living to earn would make you just a machine. Be satisfied, contentment is the greatest wealth; work hard and fulfill your duties.
  • Whatever Business you would like to start, first take adequate experience. In the beginning ,Business goes into losses, but don’t worrt, continue the hard work, and you will be successful.

MSG for Health

  • Human Urine is the most effective medical therapy for any type of injury. It is incredibly antibacterial, antifungal and popular antiseptic agent to defense immune until and unless no infection in it.
  • Brush your teeth every morning and night after meal in order to keep them healthy. Every time you eat anything, dry brush your teeth without a paste. It will certainly make your teeth healthy and prevent bad breath.
  • Drink your solid and chew your liquids. Food should be chewed to an extent it is almost like a liquid. And when you intake liquids, swallow them slowly without jerks and gulp it down as if it’s being eaten. Doing so, will make your digestive system strong and boost your health.
  • Don’t think negative all the time, lack of will power generates these negative thoughts and this will power is within you.
  • Exercise early in the morning or walk half an hour with pleasure, get rid of ailments & receive a health treasure.